An Electric Lawn Mower Will Save You Money

See that picture? That is a Kill A Watt, which you plug into a typical outlet and plug into it your electronic device. What does the Kill A Watt show? How much energy you are using for various devices.

Why am I showing this? Because last year I invested in an electric, battery operated lawn mower. Not a corded one mind you, those things drive me crazy but a full-throttled battery powered mower. I absolutely love this thing! No spark plugs. No filters. No changing oil. No gas spills. No carburetor to mess around with. Just power up and go.

When I get done mowing 4000 feet of grass I need to recharge the battery so it will be ready the next time. I was curious: How much does it cost to charge my 40V battery?

Well, according to my favorite tool in the tool-kit, the Kill A Watt, it fully charged in in about 1/10 of a kiloWatt hour(kWh).

I broke out my most recent electric bill and I pay 7.6 cents a kWh. So, to charge this battery took  means it literally cost less than a penny.  Less than a penny to charge the battery which mows my entire lawn!

Simply amazing. (Yes, the economist in me thinks about the opportunity cost of my doing the work, rather than hiring it out. After all, my labor is not free. However, I like being outside and doing yard work. Thus, for me, there is no opportunity cost in mowing my yard.)

Battery technology has come a long, long way since the old days of 5 yrs ago. I look forward to the day of using battery power for many more things. Trust me, we’re still a long way to go on that. I don’t have a hybrid…yet, for instance. But that is coming. If you need a big boost of energy, a battery is probably not your best bet either. But if you want to save costs on electricity, even electricity at a low, low cost of 7.6 cents a kWh, look at battery powered devices.

Oh, one last note. The lawn mower I purchased cuts grass at a minimum of an inch and a half. Thus if you want a lower cut, you definitely want to look at the depth of the cut on your mower. I like my grass being over an inch or two high anyway, as I believe it helps the soil. There is some debate on that, but I am not convinced a short cut is beneficial. Anyway, just make sure you look at the blade depth of the cut when you are looking for a new mower.


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