A Morning Scene From My Backporch

For those hundreds of thousands of you who visit my blog daily, 🙂 you may notice something different today… Yes I changed the background image.

I was sitting in my living room at 5:30 am enjoying my first cup of coffee just pondering, like I usually do.  The sun started coming up and just spread this incredible amber color all over the backyard.

The sunrise combined with the fall colors just made this incredible scene. I opened the backdoor, froze a bit and took this picture with my IPhone 6 plus.   That’s it. Nothing fancy.

I haven’t manipulated the picture or anything.  And yet, look at that!  It’s flippin’ beautiful!

Now, I don’t care what your faith is, what your belief system is or how you view the world. But don’t tell me you can look at that picture and just not be amazed by creation.

Folks, beauty is EVERYWHERE!  You must be blind not to see it, or deliberate. Either way is bad. Be it ignorance or purpose to deny that our world, even with us humans in it, is a beautiful place is a horrible way to look at things.  SNAP OUT OF IT!

You get one shot. Don’t let that shot be sucked in by focusing on the evil that persists.  Oh yes, there is lots of that too, don’t get me wrong.

But for just a moment. Turn your damn phone off.  Shut down your browser windows.  Disconnect from Social media and take a peak outside. Take a deep breath. And just think. Let the quiet take over your mind for just a couple minutes.

Don’t talk. Don’t open a book. Don’t do anything but just sit there and think.

I don’t know what will pop into your head, but I have a sneaky suspicion it will be something good, something cheerful, something exciting. Constant noise is the enemy. For Christians, it’s literally Satan’s music.  It’s his way of confusing us, of taking our eyes off the beauty of the Lord.  I fall for it every.single.day.  I get mad about this, that or the other and I sometimes I even take that negativity to bed with me. I know I need to wake up and sit for 30 minutes in quiet to get refocused.

For non-Christians though, noise is just as bad. It disturbs your train of thought to make it hard to have a deep feeling or idea.  It makes you jumpy, nervous, anxious.

Allow the peace to engulf you, even for just 15 minutes a day.  Then you will see the beauty that is everywhere. It will fill your heart like nothing else can by nothing more than simply calming you down.  Then you’ll go back to seeing pictures like this one, on my blog, and realize, my oh my, what beauty there is.



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