A Tiny $15 Device to Have Light When the Power Goes Out

Here I show you the simplicity of using your car battery to power a 9W LED light lamp.

This 150Watt Power Inverter costs all of $15 or so on Amazon. You plug it into your cigarette lighter of your vehicle, then plug your normal lamp into the inverter and VOILA! You have light!

Get an extension cord and you have light throughout your home on nothing more than an inexpensive power inverter and low wattage LED light bulbs.

You don’t even need to have your engine on to run this. Now, you will want to charge your battery a couple times a day just to make sure it doesn’t lose its charge. But for say a night time operation, this will work just fine for a couple hours without your engine being on. (Really depends on the size of the load, ie, what you’re running off your battery.)

With a couple extension cords, you could literally have lights in various rooms of the house, again by using nothing more than your car battery.

Nothing fancy here, If you want/need more juice than what your cigarette lighter can provide, see my other video on using alligator clips plugged directly on your battery and a larger wattage power inverter.

This set up though is simply the easiest.

I highly recommend you have one of these inverters for each vehicle. Just as a prep item. The fact you can get them for less than $20 too, no excuse not to have a small backup power supply.


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