Why is it Acceptable to Advocate for Communism???

I think one of the reasons Communism still holds some ‘legitimacy’ is the lack of pictures that have been produced to show its horrific history.  Stalin must have known that a picture is worth a MILLION words and so somehow was able to keep photos from being dispersed.

To truly know of the history of Communism people actually must pick up a book…and read it. Unfortunately, many people just don’t want to do that anymore. Not with Netflix sitcoms binging et al.

So, it’s up to us, the freedom-lovers of the world, to educate the ignorant about the mass brutality that is the history of Communism.  However, I am not sure the truth of Communism will actually dissuade many on the left, as the left is truly tyrannical in nature.  Scratch many a “liberal” and you’ll find a totalitarian at heart.

Is that brutal? No.  With professors preaching Communism outright in academia, Antifa running around unopposed, opinion writers saying we need to ” to stop thinking like individuals” in order to save the environment, the left is on the march and they want nothing more than the elimination of free thought in order to advance their ideology.

But all is not lost.  There are SOME visuals of the evils of Communism that simply can’t be pushed aside in “what about” irrelevance.  The left will say, “yeah, communism was bad but what about, this, that or the other…those were just as bad.”

No, nothing has ever been as horrific as Communism. Nothing.  There is NO moral equivalency. And those who argue for such are fools.  They are either liars or they are ignorant. Either of which is unacceptable in the days of the Internet.

This article, Haunting Images of Prisoners in Stalins Gulag, is a good reminder of the slave camps under Stalin.  Whenever anyone states that “All they want for Christmas is Communism”  remember if that person said the same about Nazism he’d be banned from proper society, and rightly so. The same should happen with all proponents of the evil that is Communism.




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