Advice for the GOP re: Election in Alabama

Once again, the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot with a sure bet election win.

No, this is NOT because Roy Moore was the candidate as much as people would love to blame him.  It’s simply because the Washington Republicans can not just keep their mouths shut when it comes to a localized election.  They must pipe in and offer their thoughts about what people in Alabama should do.

I will never forget when Scott Brown was Senator of Massachusetts and the media asked him what he thought Todd Akin, a Senatorial candidate from Missouri, should do.  Ole Scott then proceeded to provide a litany of reasons why Akin should step aside.

I was like “dude, why??? Even if you don’t like the guy’s politics, WE(the GOP) would like that Senate seat, so just shut up!’

But no, other Republicans had to show their establishment bonafides and they all jumped in saying while they couldn’t recommend voting for Claire McCaskill, they felt Akin should step aside.

Of course, enough establishment-types follow that advice and guess what? A sure W becomes an unfortunate L.  Only takes 10% of the GOP to stay home because they’re offended or whatever and BOOM!  Down Goes Frazier!

Once the “radical” loses, the Establishment types can say “Look!  We told you that guy/lady was too extreme!  We shoulda nominated a more centrist candidate.”

And everyone will believe that to be true.  If ONLY, they will ponder. If ONLY we nominated a mainstream guy (whatever that is). If ONLY, Akin woulda stepped down. If only, if only.

Yet, the irony,  is “mainstream” Republicans fall by the wayside all the time.  Our own Scott Brown swung and missed in MA for his reelection and again in NH. Very few people report on that.

Other “mainstream” types lose too, Tommy Thompson in WI lost to a radical lefty for a Senate seat there.  Maybe if the GOP would have nominated a more aggressive candidate they would have won that seat, no?

I mean two can play at this game, but it always seems to be the Establishment types on the offense.  And now we have a Liberal Dem taking a Senate seat in AL. Alabama for Heaven’s sake!

So, here’s a piece of advice for the GOP in the future, which I know will not be heeded, but when a nominee is picked, just shut up and let the locality decide.  Don’t say a word. Don’t say a fairly chosen nominee should resign, step aside, go to jail, etc. Just let the electorate decide.

If the candidate is truly that bad, the voters will probably see that and he/she will be sent packing. But they certainly don’t need any help from you. Sometimes silence is truly golden.


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