Black unemployment rate falls to record low — Democrats Hardest Hit

If there is one thing that frustrates me about our current state of politics is the need to divide as opposed to bring together.

Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, the Democratic Party is the master of this despicable strategy. See Joe Biden saying to an audience of blacks that Mitt Romney will literally “put them back in chains.”

This is just disgusting.  Yet,  Biden’s insidious comments were simply brushed off to “Joe being Joe.”

I wish I could say this was the only time the Democrats used explicit racism to aggravate and frighten blacks into voting for them.   Like when the Texas Democratic Party accused George W. Bush of being implicit in the racist killing of a black man.

Or just back in November when the Virginia Democratic party had this ad which showed racist, white pickup driving Republicans chasing down young minorities in the streets.  To do what??? Well, the ad doesn’t state definitively but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to decide what those racist Republicans had in mind if they actually caught those children.

The list goes on and on and on, of course.  Fear is a wonderful political strategy, truth be told.  The NRA’s numbers grew greatly under Obama. In fact, Obama was the greatest gun salesman in the history of mankind.

Obviously, people weren’t joining the NRA or buying guns because Obama was encouraging them to.  It was because they were fearful he would try to take them away.  Yet, in 2009-2010 when Obama had huge majorities in Congress, there was very little, if any, legislation passed to ‘ban’ guns.  Still, the worry persisted and gun sales exploded for his entire 8 years.

Now, anyone who actually pays attention to politics understands the Democrats were not going to legislate overt gun-control but rather hoped for a majority liberal Supreme Court to overturn the Second Amendment.  This is the way the Dems roll, judicial rule, not legislative.

So, what does the headline have to do with this blog post? It’s simple.  If black folks are doing better economically with a Trump presidency that means they will be less likely to vote for Democrats and if Democrats don’t secure 90% of the black vote, it’s over for them.  They know that too. Their entire strategy for victory is contingent on HUGE black vote turnout of which they need 90% to vote for them.

EITHER of those two scenarios don’t come to fruition, well, guess what? The Democrat Party will essentially cease to exist.

If black vote turnout is limited, EVEN if the Dems get the 90%, it’s  over for them. Republicans get 15% of the black vote, Democrats are done as well. Ideally, the black vote turnout will be huge and the GOP will capture 15% or more.  But that hasn’t happened in my political lifetime.

So, given the Democrats literal existence is contingent on large black turnout with 90% voting for them, what would YOU do, if you were a Democrat strategist? You would scare the living hell out of blacks as a way to get them motivated to vote.

You would say things like the Republicans are going to put them “back in chains.”  Yeah, you know this is despicable but your political life is literally at stake.  You do what you can to win. Blacks stay home, you lose.

Which brings me to this article on CNBC which states that black unemployment is the lowest…in HISTORY! Remember, blacks, and other minorities, were told by the media and the Democrats (but I repeat myself) that Trump was actually a sympathetic Klansmen, just without the hood, among many other grotesque things.

But instead of Trump joining the Night Riders, under him the economic situation for blacks may be improving. If that economic improvement continues for blacks, well, ideally they vote GOP, but they might just be less threatened by the Democratic advertisements and decide to stay home.  Either way, the Dems lose and the country wins.





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