Black unemployment rate falls to record low — Democrats Hardest Hit

If there is one thing that frustrates me about our current state of politics is the need to divide as opposed to bring together. Contrary to what the mainstream media would have you believe, the Democratic Party is the master of this despicable strategy. See Joe Biden saying to an audience of blacks that Mitt … Read moreBlack unemployment rate falls to record low — Democrats Hardest Hit

Prohibition=Crime (Remember Eric Garner)

Apparently Seattle has gone fully insane. Look at this picture. The price of Gatorade has increased almost 100% because of the new ‘tax’ on sugary drinks. So, think about this for a second. What are the unintended consequences of this tax? I’ll wait here while you digest this. If you said people will drink less … Read moreProhibition=Crime (Remember Eric Garner)

January 15, 2018 COULD BE MONUMENTAL!

Whoa! This. Could. Be. Huge!   The IG report comes out Jan 15. Remember this is an IG nominated by none other than Obama. However, Obama’s DOJ stonewalled him at EVERY step possible. The IG kept fighting, and in 2013 I am sure seemed like a battle lost as the DOJ sought to totally neuter him. … Read moreJanuary 15, 2018 COULD BE MONUMENTAL!

Refugees to the US Prove Your Personal Experiences Will Bias You

One of the benefits of sitting in Atlanta traffic is that I get to listen to a million different podcasts. A podcast my brother introduced me to was that of Malcolm Gladwell.  You may be familiar with Gladwell from his  popular book “Outliers” or his Washington Post reporting. His podcast is fantastic. I highly recommend … Read moreRefugees to the US Prove Your Personal Experiences Will Bias You

Prohibition is a Failure…From 1929

I love some bluegrass. Not all of it, mind you, but some. Some of the old school stuff, what they call Old Time Bluegrass is like going back in time and watching history. It’s fantastic. Here’s a song from a guy named Lowe Stokes called ‘Prohibition Is A Failure”.  Man, oh man, Lowe was a … Read moreProhibition is a Failure…From 1929

Net Neutrality is dead! Oh No! :)

All you need to know about the FCC killing Net Neutrality is right here in this dude’s screaming bloody murder post about the end of net neutrality… “Republican Ajit Pai’s FCC voted 3-2 along party lines today to repeal virtually every open internet and net neutrality rule on the books, reclassify broadband service in a way that … Read moreNet Neutrality is dead! Oh No! 🙂

Netflix “The Mist” = Harvey Weinstein

Just watched about 5  minutes of the first episode of the Netflix series “The Mist.” I am not going to link to it as it turns out its executive producer was ole Harvey Weinstein. So, if you want to watch it, you’ll have to find it on your own. However, Weinstein or not, those are … Read moreNetflix “The Mist” = Harvey Weinstein

Advice for the GOP re: Election in Alabama

Once again, the Republicans shoot themselves in the foot with a sure bet election win. No, this is NOT because Roy Moore was the candidate as much as people would love to blame him.  It’s simply because the Washington Republicans can not just keep their mouths shut when it comes to a localized election.  They … Read moreAdvice for the GOP re: Election in Alabama

Your Children’s History Textbook Lies

I was reviewing an assignment with one of my kids tonight. He is preparing for a test tomorrow. It’s in Social Studies/History.  To my chagrin, I found lies that he is being told. Immediately, I thought that the Georgia Public Schools must have bought into the Howard Zinn training materials. Howard Zinn is such a radical … Read moreYour Children’s History Textbook Lies

How Eisenhower Predicted the Research-Industrial Complex

Seems to me that today’s “science” research is in many ways nothing more than clickbait for government funding. From Michael Mann’s silly “hockey stick”, the 97% consensus, Ancel Keys and his followers anti-fat crusade to Emails Show How An Ivy League Prof Tried To Do Damage Control For His Bogus Food Science  and many, many more examples … Read moreHow Eisenhower Predicted the Research-Industrial Complex