If I am Military Retired Can I Still Get Social Security Benefits?

Absolutely you can receive Social Security AND your military pension too. Your Social Security benefits will not be offset by the Windfall Elimination or the Government Offset either. Reason for this is simple; You paid fully into the Social Security system while you were receiving income from the military. Just look at your W-2. Is … Read moreIf I am Military Retired Can I Still Get Social Security Benefits?

#1 Thing To Do For Retirement Happiness

In never ceases to amaze me that when it comes to discussion about retirement, advisors and clients alike overlook the most important issue; whether or not there is a mortgage. Why do I say this is the most important issue? Well, simply look at this study from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): “Housing was … Read more#1 Thing To Do For Retirement Happiness

Social Security Beneficiaries Hit Record

Very informative article here about the current state of the Social Security system. The number of beneficiaries of the system reached a record in November 2017 of nearly 62 million. Yet, the number of full time workers who are paying into the system is only  2.05 per each beneficiary.   Don’t forget this number of workers is … Read moreSocial Security Beneficiaries Hit Record

Ways to Save Money #1

  I’m a financial planner. That’s pretty much all I know how to do. So, keeping track of my cash flow is near and dear to my heart. I don’t like losing or wasting my hard earned money. Thus I don’t gamble.  However, three weeks ago, I changed the air filter in my attic A/C unit and forgot … Read moreWays to Save Money #1