Ways to Save Money #1

  I’m a financial planner. That’s pretty much all I know how to do. So, keeping track of my cash flow is near and dear to my heart. I don’t like losing or wasting my hard earned money. Thus I don’t gamble.  However, three weeks ago, I changed the air filter in my attic A/C unit and forgot … Read moreWays to Save Money #1

LED vs Non-LED Christmas Lights Comparison

In this video I’m comparing LED vs. non-LED lights from a cost, durability, coverage and electricity usage perspective. LED lights cost twice as much, at least in Dec 2017 for 1/4th the electricity usage. These LED lights cover 100 feet whereas the non-LED lights cover 75 feet or so. LED lights don’t yield hardly any … Read moreLED vs Non-LED Christmas Lights Comparison