College Football, The SEC and Media Bias

College football bowl season is upon us. And once again, controversy will erupt. Probably more this year because as we sit here today, before the Conference Championship games are played, there is no real consensus as to who should be playing in the top 4 slots which will determine the national champion.

My problem with college football has always been that there is even any controversy at all.  It’s purely insane.  Why not just have a 16 team playoff?

Bowl Game Presidents Carry Too Much Weight

Well,  one reason is that the Bowl Game Presidents carry WAY too much weight with the NCAA.  Bowl Presidents certainly aren’t paupers by any stretch and apparently they have a lot of “walking around money”. (See John Junker).  A little bit of fame and fortune  thrown your way will go a long way to convincing you that nothing should be changed. Thus we continue to have the lunacy of college football championships decided primarily by the media.

Biased Media Carry Too Much Weight

Anyone with an open mind realizes the political media  is indisputably biased politically. Unfortunately, the bias is even worse when it comes to the sports media.  They are social justice warriors (SJWs) on steroids and that bias is reflected in their work, daily.

I invite you to read ANY sports commentator in ANY rag you want.  The VAST majority are going to be way far lefties.   You’ll notice too a common theme among these sports writers;  Many are white men who grew up idolizing sports and athletes because they themselves couldn’t play.  But they so desperately want to be part of the team with all the notoriety that brings they will do whatever they can to impress their gods, the athletes on the field. Thus, this special devotion to the Colin Kapernick’s of the sports world. The biggest proponents of his protest happen to be…da.da.da, white sports writers! Who’da thunk it?

Well, if you’ve been following sports for as long as I, you would have been SHOCKED to learn of any white sports writer challenging Kapernick’s protest.  Oh, there are a few but they’ve been condemned to rightwing websites like the Daily Caller or Breitbart.  They certainly aren’t getting gigs at the Washington Post or USA Today.

No, to write sports at the Washington Post you MUST be an SJW.  If I even need to mention the number of writers there who fit the mold you simply haven’t been paying attention.

Most Sports Writers are Cut from the Same Mold

So, sports writers tend to be white men who aren’t great athletes who so desire to be one of the ‘cool kids’. They study journalism to write about the athletes whose attention they so desire.  This way if they can’t get the attention  by themselves  being on the field, at least they can get it by writing about the guys who are and who they WISH they could be.  Of course, getting to know these athletes allow them to also name drop which gives them even more ‘cool kid’ cred.

Sports Writers Adopt SJW Stance to Impress Athletes

To further get in with the athletes and to prove their bonafides, that they are on their side, they adopt a SJW position because that’s what they think will make the athletes like them more.

It’s embarrassing actually.  It’s no different than a male adopting feminism because he thinks it will get him more chicks.  Anyone with eyes can see right through this.

The sad thing about this game is that it actually works…for some.  Mike Lupica is a perfect example.  He’s been around long enough to have people sweat him.  He’s on TV after all!  So, a non-famous athlete who wouldn’t give a non-famous Lupica the time of day, will have to go out of his way to make time for him, thus further cementing the Lupica’s of the world place in the ‘cool kid’ realm.

A famous athlete though could give two craps what a Lupica thinks. He is beyond a Lupica’s reach.  No different than a starving actress who is desperate for work and suddenly finds herself in front of Harvey Weinstein.  I absolutely abhor a system that allows such scumbags to determine her fate as an aspiring actress. But once she is cast in enough roles to make a name for herself, “be gone Harvey!” she can say. She’s above his reach.

But how many little Lupica’s are out there in the sportswriter world trying to make names for themselves? Tons upon tons. Just read any sports page, from your local college writers to the big city dailies.  It’s ALL THE SAME!  Combine journalists, who are liberal,  with athlete-worshipers and you’re going to get the full SJW!

Media is Biased. Sports Media is MORE Biased

So, what does this have to do with college football??? Because these are the same people who for years determined who got into the “playoffs” or the BCS or before that the final college rankings!  Why, oh why, would a college sports fan want any media say in who gets to play for a national championship???

What we’ve had for years is that the sports media has been biased in favor of the SEC.  Whoever won the SEC would always get an automatic bid to play for the college championship.  Hell, even if they didn’t win their division, they still could get a bid. See LSU vs. Alabama.

Essentially, for the last 10-15 years it’s been the SEC vs. everyone else.  This meant the championship game came down to the SEC winner vs. whoever the media felt like. Again, every year the SEC had an automatic bid to play for the NCAA championship.

The reason being for their automatic bid was that the SEC winner played a so-called “murderer’s row” schedule and thus they had to be rewarded.  Why was their schedule a “murderers row”? Because it was the SEC, of course!   A very circular argument as you can tell.

To reiterate, SEC champion MUST get chosen for the NCAA championship because they played such a hard schedule.  How do we know their schedule was so hard. Because it’s the SEC, we were told.  In fact, even this week we have an ESPN guy saying that undefeated Wisconsin from the Big Ten would have lost 4 games in the SEC.  HUH???

But this whole argument doesn’t make sense.  What proof do we have the SEC is so good. Well, they’ll say it’s because they’ve won 7 of the last 10 NCAA championships.  Well, give an automatic bid each to any conference and I bet they’ll win a few too!  Remember the SEC was ALWAYS selected as one of the two teams to play for the championship.  They needed to win ONE game to be declared champs. That’s it!

4 Team Playoff has Changed Everything

Ironically, since college football went to a 4 team playoff, where there were actually games played to get to the championship, the SEC has only won 1 title. I’m not saying that’s bad or good. I’m saying that maybe, just maybe, if we allow more competition to actually play for a championship on the field we’d have less so-called “domination” by one conference. Crazy I know.

Finally, let’s look at the “domination” by the SEC when it comes to their bowl records as a conference as a whole.

SEC Bowl Record Has Been Good…but not recently

They’ve done well. 34-21 for the past 5 years. 64-38 for the past 10.  But only 11-11 for the past two and this year will be scary for them.

So, the guy at ESPN who says undefeated Wisconsin would lose 4 games in the “Mighty” SEC what’s he basing that on??? Only his personal bias.  And yet he may be a guy who votes in the college rankings. I don’t know if he specifically has a vote but others just like him certainly do and they always vote SEC first and everyone else second.

Look, I’m not here to say the SEC is a bad conference. That would be silly. The SEC HAS been the best conference in college football for the past 10 years. That seems to be changing now but even so, that the SEC has been the best is simply not deniable.

What I am saying is that they haven’t been so good to justify earning an automatic bid to the championship game each year.  That line of thinking is just as silly.

Only One Solution Will Work – 16 team playoff

This whole debate is utterly insane anyway because the solution has been so obvious to anyone with half a brain… a 16 team playoff!

The bowls would lose too much money:

Can you imagine the revenue that would be generated by an inclusive playoff system??? Easily comparable to the NFL and NCAA basketball tournament. I’d even think an NCAA playoff would smoke both of those tournaments.

The players need to study:

I hear that one too and I can’t help but laugh. Why are they able to study during the regular season? Why can the lower divisions, who have playoffs, still study? How come the basketball teams can study during their tournament?  Just stop it.

A playoff would destroy the tradition of the bowls:

Uh huh. That train left the station many moons ago I’m sorry to say.  No going back now.  And actually no reason why the bowls can’t be part of a playoff similar to what they are now.

There would be too many games:

Reduce the regular season then. The most any team will play in a 16 game playoff is 4 games. Reduce the powder-puff games and at most the players would be playing an extra 2 games.

Someone will still get left out:

Yes that’s true a team ranked 20 would probably feel they shoud be ranked 16 and get in. But guess what? That’s a lot easier to take then a team getting a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME bid who didn’t even win their conference division!

That’s it. My plan on eliminating bias in college football and creating so much more excitement for fans. Easy as pie.  You can even allow the sports writers and coaches to rank the top 16, I’d be okay with that. But after that, let the players decide who is the true champion…ON THE FIELD!





















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