Democrats Don’t Like My Kind

My first votes were in 1988 for Mike Dukakis for President and Barbara Mikulski for Maryland Senate. That was the last time I have ever voted for Democrats.

The Democrats though have decided that white men are not needed in their party. It’s sad actually. But reality is reality. Now while the Republicans don’t make me dance on clouds at least they are not hostile to me.

Here is an email a higher up at the DNC sent out in looking to fill vacant positions.

“I personally would prefer that you not forward to cisgender straight white males, since they’re already in the majority.” 

Look folks it doesn’t get any  more racist than that. But are you surprised? I mean the left  HATES straight, while, Christian, men. We’ve known that for years.  Now for some reason they aren’t keeping their racism hidden.

You see it everywhere, college campuses, HR departments etc. But for a political party whose job  it is to secure votes to be so blatantly discriminatory is insane.

The best thing Donald Trump’s election has done is bring out the hate from left for all to see.

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