Dilemma for American Free-Traders: Cheap Solar Panels vs. Domestic Manufacturing

Interesting article here. A couple US Solar manufacturers are asking for a tariff of 25 cents per WATT on imported Solar Cells and 32 cents per Watt on PV panels with a minimum price on panels of 74 cents per Watt.
At issue, of course, is that the pro-solar advocates have been saying for years that the price per Watt on Solar/PV panels is becoming equal to that of coal-fired electricity generation.

I pay about 8 cents a kWh for my electricity.  Thus if Solar PV panel imports have tariffs of 74 cents per Watt imposed, that would simply destroy the argument that PV electricity is on par with coal-generated.

This is the dilemma us free-marketers need to contend with. We need US manufacturing but we also need cheaper foreign goods.
SOOOO easy to say “let ’em compete!” But I’m not so sure anymore.
Even things like graphic design can be outsourced from your kitchen table at a significant savings to what you’d pay an American.
Might be a moot point anyway in a few years because of robotics but for now it’s an interesting conundrum.

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