Easy Lighting When the Power Goes Out

Power went out last night around 10:00 pm.  Second time this has happened in a month. The first time was a valuable experience because I was in Boston and my wife wasn’t sure where I keep  our solar lighting sources.   So she had to call me and thankfully, I was able to take her call.

This time though, she jumped into action immediately.  She placed MPowerd lights placed all over the house so when my oldest daughter came home from a friends house she wouldn’t walk into pitch black. Or if my younger boys woke up they wouldn’t freak out because of the dark in the house.

I can not speak highly enough of these little solar paneled MPowerd lights.  You can get them on Amazon for 15 bucks or so and you’ll be glad you did; They work like a charm.

VERY bright, hold a charge, easy to recharge too, they float if you need, can hang them up with a string, can deflate them to save space.  Very flexible, I even keep one in my glove box!

Moral of the story: Light is the most valuable thing when dark descends and the power goes out. Flashlights are great for pointing light, but you need a light fixture for ambient light. Yes, you can break out your battery pack or fire up the generator.  But in the interim you still need light.  Get yourself some MPowerd lights so you will have at the least a basic and bright light source while you figure out what to do next.

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