Once Again Evolutionists Fall Flat

”Definitely embarrassing:” Nobel Laureate retracts non-reproducible paper in Nature journal

This is how science is SUPPOSED to work!  A study gets published. It can’t be confirmed and it’s retracted.  A bit too late in the game for the retraction to make much headway though. The lies of the evolutionists are already ingrained in modern vernacular for this retraction to amount to much.  A lie travels the world before the truth gets its boots on, is an old saying.

Here’s what the good professor said in his retraction:

In retrospect, we were totally blinded by our belief [in our findings]…we were not as careful or rigorous as we should have been (and as Tivoli was) in interpreting these experiments.

Hmmmm.. “we were totally blinded by our belief”? What does that sound like? Faith of course! Faith is based on belief, not fact.  Yet, us theists, are told it is US who are anti-science and allow faith to cloud our minds. Weird huh? The “Scientists” have allowed belief to guide them.

Here is just of many, many articles and stories citing the profs work.   How many others are out there, ‘proving’ that creationism is false and MACRO-evolution is accepted as fact.  Here is the YouTube video as well, that has over 20k comments and nearly 700k views.

Notice, I stress MACRO-evolution here.  We don’t challenge the idea behind micro-evolution.   But the evolutionists like to interplay the two as if they are one in the same.   Very convenient on their part actually.

The funny thing is that those of us with FAITH have no qualm admitting to it.  We know our belief is based on faith and nothing more.  We have no more proof of God than the evolutionists have in a primordial soup. It’s silly to claim that this proof exists. It’s belief, and, faith.

But the arrogance of the evolutionists never ceases to amaze me.  Prof. Szostak said of the ID theorists “(their) kind of denial is a dangerous thing; denial of reality is extremely bad for the future of our country (and our world).”

The ID proponents are dangerous!  Why? Because they challenge the likes of Prof. Szostak and his assertions of which he…has…no…proof.  And yet, he calls US dangerous.

Now, for the record, I’m neither a creationist or an Intelligence Design proponent. I’m completely agnostic when it comes to how our world began.  But like almost everything I study, I like to see how the proponents of various arguments react to the challenges to their ideas.  When they react with anger, hostility and ad hominem attacks, I know their argument is weak.

Want to try this for yourself? Challenge any pro-vaccination proponent, a global warming alarmist or an evolutionist. They will ALL use the same attack lines.  You are anti-science.  A knuckle-dragger. Stupid. Ignorant. You appeal to the Lowest Common Denominator. It’s funny actually.   If you want a laugh, just post a comment that says “Prove to me CO2 causes global warming”. Or “prove to me modern vaccinations work?”  The world of craziness will fall on your head. Be prepared to laugh.

Eisenhower said it best in his farewell speech.  When academia is taken over by the government largess, look out. It is dangerous.  Not in the way the folks like Szostak would have us believe though.  They really need to look in the mirror to see where the danger lay.



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