Having Fun Arguing With SEC Homers

So, Georgia and Alabama both won their respective “playoff” games.   Out of the woodwork comes my favorite people in the world, SEC fans, touting the supposed dominance of their conference once again.

The absolute lack of logic these people have in their argument boggles my mind. It’s like arguing with a Global Warming Alarmist who hates fossil fuels yet takes an annual cruise and flies all over the place.

Unfortunately for me, I actually have much in common with SEC fans, other than their blind devotion to SEC football.

SEC Over-Representated in “National Championship”

Let’s break down how illogical the SEC homers argument is.  First, their argument that the SEC is dominant is based on the fact that the SEC has won most of the national championship games over the past 10 years or so.

A rational person though would question WHY the SEC ALWAYS has a team in the game?  How does that always happen?

For instance, just this year, the SEC had not one, but TWO representatives playing in the “Final Four”.  The Big 10 and the Pac 10 , and many other conferences, had a whopping 0 playing, meaning it was impossible for the Big Ten or Pac 10 to win the national championship.

Argument of a Rational Person

How then, a rational person would ask, does the SEC get 2 teams in and many conferences get 0?  It’s simple, if you’re an SEC homer.  We got two selections because we are the best conference.  Thus the best conference should be well-represented.

The rational person would then say, “what proof do you have you’re the best conference?”

SEC homer argues, “the proof is in the number of national championships we’ve won.”

Rational person would stop here and say, ‘wait a second!  You’re only winning those championships because you ALWAYS have representation in the  championship game!  Why is that?”

SEC homer replies, “because we’re the best conference.”

Rational person, “how do you surmise that?”
Sec homer, “because we’ve won the most championships!”

And you can see how this becomes so circular and illogical it will make the rational person want to jump off a bridge.  But, my normal and rational friends, don’t stop here.  You must push this to its logical conclusion and ask,

“You say, Mr. SEC homer, that the SEC is the best conference.  Implying, of course, that the top teams in the SEC MUST be the best in football and thus deserved of ALWAYS being invited to the college championship game.

SEC is Sub-500 Out-Of-Conference Play

But, tell me, kind sir, how is it that the SEC’s out-of-conference record is quite poor? After all, if you truly were the best conference wouldn’t your out-of-conference record be better than sub .500 over the last three years?  In fact, just this year, the team that beat the supposed two best college teams in football, Auburn, lost to a mid-level team Central Florida.”

And it’s here, the SEC homers, will just say, National Championships and completely ignore your logical argument.

Imagine The Super Bowl Was Like This

Put this insanity in context of the NFL.  Let’s say every year a team from the AFC West was selected to play in the Super Bowl based solely on the media thinking the AFC West is by far the best division. The AFC West proved they’re the best division by winning 7 of the last 10 Super Bowls, the media and the AFC West homers argue.

However, when the AFC West plays out of their division their record is a sub 500 meaning they LOSE more than they win.  Yet, somehow the media still claims the AFC West is the best division in football because they’ve won more Super Bowls.  And so the aura stands,so that the winner of the AFC West automatically gets invited to the Super Bowl to play against a random selection of the one of the other 7 divisions.

So, if you have 10 Super Bowls played, the AFC West got 10 shots to win the Super Bowl. In fact, sometimes the AFC West gets TWO representatives playing in the Super Bowl, (see AL vs. LSU, AL vs. GA) meaning that in 10 Super Bowls the  AFC West got a total of 12 chances to win!

ALL the other divisions combined got a total of only 8 chances to win, meaning in 20 attempts to win a Super Bowl, the AFC West got 60% of the chances and EVERYONE ELSE only got 40%. So, what are the odds the AFC West wins a bunch of Super Bowls??? Pretty damn high.

The AFC West then wins more Super Bowls, by far, than any other division and guess what that permeates; The fallacy that they are the best division and allows for the media to continue to put an AFC West team in every Super Bowl.

Equality Will Come!

It’s crazy I know, but it’s the nature of college football.  Of course, the SEC homers don’t mind because when it’s not your oxe being gored most people could care less.

But as always happens, at some point it will be your oxe being gored and then you’ll wish you had defenders, you’ll scream for equal treatment and many will turn a deaf ear because you didn’t ask for equity when it was you on top.  You were quite comfortable with the status quo even though it was inherently discriminatory.

Status quo’s change though. And when it does, remember, what I’ve been telling you SEC homers for years and years, a 16 team college football playoff is the only truly equitable way to answer the question of who is the best team in college football.

Similar to Roger Maris’ Home Run Record

For now though, there is an asterisk on every, single one of your championship wins, simply because you have preferable treatment and that can not be denied, not logically at least.


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