Home Maintenance 101 – Change Your Air Filters!

Allrighty my friends, this will probably be the most important piece of advice you’ll receive all day—Change Your Air Filters in your HVAC unit!

See that picture below??? The left is the filter in my downstairs unit after only 45 days. I can only imagine what the one in my attic(upstairs) unit will look like too, as that unit is used more.


You don’t want an air filter being dirty and covered with dust and grime. Not good for efficiency of your unit, not good if you have allergies or any sort of breathing complications.

Mind you, I change my filters religiously every 45 days, have it scheduled as a task on my phone.   And these filters are ‘premiums’, supposedly they can last 90 days…uh huh. Look at that puppy on the left!  You think I want to breathe that crap in another 45 days? No thanks!

So, do your lungs, your HVAC unit and your utility bill a favor, and change these guys every month or so. Get in the habit.

If you don’t know how to do it, it’s literally the easiest thing in the world, once you learn. Just watch a Youtube channel to get educated.  Real easy to do.  Maybe I’ll post something when I go into my attic that shows you how.

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