We Have a HUGE Problem With Electricity Ignorance

I’m going through my LinkedIn feed today when I come across a post that is linked below.

I am assuming this is a joke because it’s just so silly.

However, the comments by the people on LinkedIn are absolutely frightening.  People think this is a serious thing.  That one COULD power their home by riding a bicycle.

Remember, LinkedIN is NOT Facebook, as you hear over and over.  Facebook is for rubes, and LinkedIN is for the Professionals, i.e., the “Smart Set”.

After reading the many, MANY comments from this video post, I can unequivocally say that if LinkedIn represents professional brainpower in our world, we are all doomed if the professional classes continue to lead us.

As Bill Buckley used to say, he’d rather be governed by the first 100 names in the Boston phonebook than  Harvard academics.  I’d much rather have 100 janitors and school bus drivers who are on Facebook choosing our policies than the LinkedIn Pros!

We need to fundamentally reform our educational practices because it truly is failing us.

Just so we can be clear here:  You will NOT power your home by riding a bike.  If you think otherwise, YOU have a real problem in your knowledge base.



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