In Awe of Our Incredible Universe

I’m in the midst of reading a book from the Bureau of Naval Personnel titled “Basic Electricity” which I bought used on Amazon for like a buck or something.

This is a book I can’t read very quickly because I continue to put it down and just think about what I’ve read. Not because I’m overly confused, mind you, but because I am just in awe at how amazing our planet is in its natural state.

For instance in an iron atom:

“…there exists 15 electrons spinning in one direction and only 11 electrons spinning in the opposite direction  Therefore, the unopposed magnetic fields of 4 electrons will cause this iron atom to become an infinitely small magnet. 

When a number of such atoms are grouped together to form an iron bar, there is an interaction between magnetic forces of various atoms. The small magnetic force of the field surrounding an atom affects adjacent atoms, thus producing a small group of atoms with a parallel magnetic fields.  This group of magnetic atoms, having their magnetic poles oriented in the same direction is known as a DOMAIN.  

Since about 10 million tiny domains can be contained in 1 cubic millimeter, it is apparent that every magnetic material is made up of a large number of domains.(emphasis mine). 

Think about that.  The basis of our electricity usage is on the magnetic fields of 10 million domains of atoms which is the size of a cubic millimeter!  Is that not fascinating???

Yes, for those of you who understand electricity, this may seem elementary. Indeed, you may thoroughly understand the “how” electricity works. But for me the fascinating part is the why???

These magnetic fields were not invented by man.  They existed long before any human being roamed the earth.  Why?

Why did creation, however you describe it, feel a need to develop magnetic fields? Electrons which attract protons but repel other electrons? Neutrons which are neutrally charged particles?

Why do electrons travel with ease in copper and silver but in dry air and even glass not so much?

The “how” is humanity’s arrogance, I believe.  How does something work? How does a building stand against an earthquake? How is a watch made in order to tell time to the exact second? Well we can answer those questions and thus we feel we’ve elevated ourselves with our superior intellect. But we can’t answer the “why” and never will.

And it’s wondering about the “why” where I find myself putting the book down and thinking.  Think about it. A primordial soup is the premise of atheists for the beginning of man kind.  That may well be true. But why did nature, in all her glory, decide that electrons must be negatively charged particles and need to follow strict guidelines on how they operate?

That just happened by chance?  Really?  Human beings may do great things or cause great harm but even if we blew each other to smithereens and no human was left on this world, an electron would still be negatively charged and still repel another electron and still flow quickly through copper. That won’t change, humanity or not!

In fact, even more amazing is all that you have around you was created because of the bounty of our world, to include the human brain to figure out “How” to make things work. Right now, I’m looking at a 7 Watt Led bulb in a lamp.  That was only recently in man’s existence created in which to light this room.  But it could have been developed way sooner.  After all, ALL the various components needed for me to light this room with that lamp were in existence in the earth from Day One.  Yet only within the last 150 years have we figured out the how to do this.

And the “HOW” is wonderful!  I won’t starve today because we know “HOW” to refridgerate food in order for me to save for use at a later time. I won’t freeze to death because we know “HOW” to gather natural gas from the earth and burn it to send heated air via an electric fan through the vents in my home.

I am ever so grateful for the people who came before me to develop and build on the “HOW”.  But what I can’t get my mind around is still the “WHY”?

And it goes back the most elementary building blocks of everything, the atom, which contains a nucleus of protons and neutrons and an orbit spinning with electrons.  Going back to the book, “electrons do not fall into the nucleus even though they are attracted strongly to it.  Their motion prevents it, as the planets are prevented from falling into the sun because of their centrifugal force of revolution.”

Yes, we get it. The planets won’t collide into the sun and an electron won’t fall into the nucleus of an atom even though it is so flippin’ attracted to it.  I get it. But why??? What force created that from happening? Happenstance? The Big Bang? Primordial Soup? A Deity?

I have no answers of course. I have my beliefs obviously. But beliefs or not, I’m truly amazed at creation and it is awe-inspiring.








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