Is There Anything Worse Than The College Football “Playoff” Selection???

This is a purely rhetorical question of course, because there is NOTHING worse than the current College Football Selection Committee.  Year after year, decade after decade, the same stupidity rears its ugly head to the chagrin of anyone who likes the idea of a sports championship being decided on the field.

It makes no sense. Everyone KNOWS this is stupid, except maybe SEC fans that is. And yet, here we are, once again, contemplating the moronic system that determines the college football’s championship team.

Anyone who has followed sports for even a few years knew that the idea that Ohio State was going to get in to the final four over Alabama was just silly. There was NO way a Big Ten team was going to get in over an SEC team when the media was involved.  Not gonna happen.

The SEC is the media’s love. Again, as I stated here, it isn’t that I believe the SEC is bad, it’s just that it is purely overrated for the amount of love they get.

My issue has always been that I don’t want to media deciding ANYTHING in my life, never mind the winner of the college football championship. SEC fans…it’s the media for Heavens sake!  You don’t trust them in any other aspect of your life, why do you trust them for football???

You know how much the media disparages people from the South, people who drive pick-up trucks, people who own guns, people who go to church regularly.  Yet when it comes to college football you are okay with them having immense say in who gets to play for the championship.  Why?

Yes, for now, they put your teams front and center. Do you think that will never change?  Do you think the media isn’t waiting for just two bad years running for the SEC to be dropped like a bad habit?  Trust me, it will happen and soon you’ll wake up one day wondering where the love went.   Then you’ll be clamoring for the championship to be settled “on the field” as I, and many others throughout the years, have been begging.

Why wait for that to happen to join us though? Why not stand firm TODAY even though you are the beneficiaries of the current media bias and state unequivocally that the college football championship should be settled on the field, once and for all, via a 16 team playoff?

Enough of the shenanigans, folks. Demand equality and basic fairness.  That way for the first time in our great country’s history we can finally declare that the College Football Champion is undisputed.

If it turns out to be the SEC year over year that wins the championship, played on the field, I’ll be happy to admit, the SEC has the best teams.  But, no matter how many “championships” they’ve won since the dawn of mankind, I simply can not state that today.  The rules are rigged. And when that happens, everyone suffers.



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