January 15, 2018 COULD BE MONUMENTAL!

Whoa! This. Could. Be. Huge!  

The IG report comes out Jan 15.

Remember this is an IG nominated by none other than Obama. However, Obama’s DOJ stonewalled him at EVERY step possible.

The IG kept fighting, and in 2013 I am sure seemed like a battle lost as the DOJ sought to totally neuter him.

However, as can be attested to by many, the ability to persevere can bring untold good.

The Senate went to the GOP in 2014, meaning the IG immediately had more Congressional backing.

In 2016, the White House did too and almost immediately, a bill was passed by both Houses to give the IG more authority to investigate fraud and corruption by our government officials.

A lame duck Obama signed it into law, probably knowing the bill would have been even worse with the Trumpster.

A year later, this coming January, we’ll see what the IG has produced with his millions of documents he was FINALLY able to obtain.

Given the sloppiness of the FBI we’ve now been privy too, I can only imagine what is going to be in the IG’s report.

Remember, EVERYONE thought Clinton was going to win going away. Just two weeks before the election, ABC news had a poll with Clinton up by 12!

If you’re a member in good standing in the swamp who ONLY reads the NYT and Wash Post and watches CNN you were thinking you were in the clear and acting accordingly.

Then the election happens. You are now in a fight till death that you have completely been unprepared to engage in.

You throw everything you have into some concoction of Trump colluding with Putin in a last-ditch effort to save yourself.

Yet, like what happened with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, when the King(Harvey Weinstein) is finally seen to be without clothes, your defenders will quickly turn on you and leave you high and dry.

The Trump collusion was just a way to deflect what was really going on, the scandals in the Obama administration which are coming out in trickles over the last few months.

Come Jan 15th, good Lord willing, the trickles will turn into a flood and criminals will be sent to where criminals belong.

Wishful thinking on my part? Yes. But doesn’t mean it won’t happen either.

Gonna be fun to watch.

As always, follow my man Sundance here for the play by play.


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