Jesus Didn’t Exist? Tell That To Muslims!

Every now and again, I’ll come across an article, or book, or screed, claiming that Jesus didn’t exist.  For instance, I just came across this from a Washington Post article a few years back.

Now, for us Christians, Jesus’ existence is of utmost importance.  If Jesus didn’t exist, well guess what? Ain’t no Christianity.

However, for Christians, we’re not out of the woods yet.  There is another thing that had to happen for Christianity to be true; Jesus had to rise from the dead.  Thus, no living Jesus, no Jesus rising from the dead and no Christianity.  So, challenges to Jesus’ existence must be debated.

The Washington Post article is quite easy to refute actually. I won’t get into that here.  There’ll be lots and lots of other posts offering details of my belief in Christianity, i.e., as an amateur apologist if you will.

What cracks me up though is “reputable” rags like the Washington Post publishing such attacks on Christianity.  Hard to imagine they’d do the same towards Islam.  Weird that.  BUT, what they don’t understand is that an attack on Jesus’ existence IS an attack on Islam!

Why? Because Jesus is the MOST referenced person in the Koran!   So, if you attack Jesus actually being a living human being, you are attacking the Koran itself.  Funny, eh? Because it’s so doggone easy to attack Christianity today, Christians are on the defense and losing ground daily. This is undeniable.  You, dear reader, may not like Christians, may even hold them in complete hostility.  This course of events is probably favorable in your eyes.

However, many of those who seek to dismantle Christianity, somehow lose their voice when it comes to challenging Islam.  We all know why this is, actually. It’s out of fear. Christians take it, we turn the other cheek. Muslims don’t.  More power to them,  I say.  Muslims defend their faith.  Christians seem to suffer from the Stockholm syndrome today though.  We grin and bear it.

Christians inability to defend the faith just creates more jumpers on the anti-Christian bandwagon. Strength in numbers and the anti-Christians see their side gaining strength, thus creating more anti-Christians.  People like winners.  So, more Christian bashers, who do so unencumbered, even getting their silliness published in the Washington Post, creates more wannabes to throw stones which lead to even LESS to defend the faith to be hit those stones. There aren’t many St. Stephen’s among us, at least in the West.  After all, who wants to fight alone?

So, my Christian brothers and sisters, change your tact, join with your Muslim brothers and sisters and defend what we both believe, JESUS!  The atheists attack us, they are attacking Islam. Tell them that and watch as they scurry away, not wanting to be seen as attacking a minority religion which is known for taking seriously its defense of its belief.

Very, VERY few atheists will have the guts to stand if they are seen as being against Islam. Richard Dawkins is one, and I give him credit actually for having the guts.  Bill Maher another.  But most of academia simply do not have the inner strength to stand for their belief if it appears they not only attacking Christians but Islam too.

Being liberal, and atheist, is easy today.  The easiest choice one could make actually. For once, just once, make them squirm by challenging them.  “Oh, you don’t believe Jesus lived??? Interesting. Let’s go talk to one of my Muslim friends and discuss that because Jesus IS THE MOST REFERENCED PERSON IN THE KORAN.”  And watch ’em squirm.  Fun will be had by all, and maybe, just maybe, a bit of interfaith dialogue will commence as well.



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