Know the Difference Between Energy and Power

I get into a lot of debates with people who fall for the seductiveness of Solar PV panels as a panacea.
“Just put ’em on every rooftop and we won’t need fossil fuels anymore!” Uh huh.
Unfortunately, there is a TON of bad information when it comes to energy and power out there even among professionals.
Here is from the most recent Energy Advocate newsletter which you can get here ..
“Pedro Pizarro, president of Edison International, made a very unclear statement that ‘California would need 10 gigawatts of storage for California to cut greenhouse gas emissions 40% by 2030.’
“It is unbecoming of the leader of Edison International to fail to distinguish between power (in GW) and energy (inGWh). You don’t store power any more than you store miles per hour; you store energy.
“Car batteries typically STORE 1kWh of energy but can supply 7 or 8kW during cranking in cold wealth supply and are recharged by alternator with less than 1kW.”
Notice the difference between power and energy.
A 100Watt PV panel may put out a 100Watts…at max capacity. But what does that mean exactly?
That means it will provide 2.4kWh a day. (Of course it won’t, but just for this exercise consider it.)
The 2.4kWh is actually what I’m most concerned with. I calculate my energy consumption not by kW but rather by kWh/day. THus if my energy consumption is 10kWh/day, I’d need about 4 100 Watt PV panels putting out 100 Watts per day for 24 hours consistently.
Again, your 100 watt Solar PV panel is NOT putting out 2.4kWh/day. But that’s for another post.
Here’s my Youtube video discussing the book I show above:

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