How Long Will a Toyota Hybrid Battery Last If Lights Left On?

Now here is something I am interested in learning more and would welcome comments on.

I just read that the battery for a Toyota Hybrid is a 200 Volts and only 6 AH.

My initial thought was that you wouldn’t be able to get more than few minutes of leaving the headlights on before the battery died. 6 amp hours after all isn’t much, right?

But after a quick calculation, I’m not sure my initial thought is correct.

Say the 2 headlights still are 100Watts total.

If A=W/V then the current to run the battery is only…Amps=100(watts)/200(volts) so, A = .5.

In that case, 6 Amp Hours divided by .5 amps gives us 12 hours before the battery dies. Yes, this is best case scenario. I’m not advocating someone try for 12 hours.

But still, say it’s only half that in reality, it’s winter, the battery drains quicker, shoot the Hybrid batteries are usually only half way charged anyway. So, we’ll even say it’s 4 hours before the battery dies.

That just seems very high to me given only a 6 Amp Hour rated battery.

Am I missing something??? I know nothing about hybrids. But it’s interesting to me.

Comment below please as I’m going to consider a Hybrid in the future.

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