Mandatory Vaccines…Where is the Proof???

I follow a LOT of the pros and cons arguments about vaccines. What I’ve actually found is that similar to those who believe in Global Warming, eh Climate Change, Low Fat diets,  drug and gun prohibition etc, the proponents of such beliefs quickly fall to ad hominem attacks when challenged.

You can’t blame them actually.  When your religion is being challenged, your entire reason for existence, you must label anyone who doesn’t believe a heretic.  And we all know what happens to heretics!

I do try to avoid the ad hominems because when you wrestle in the mud, you also get dirty and I like to stay clean as a whistle. For the record, I can’t say I’ve always been like that but maturity, sobriety, having kids even, has softened me quite a bit.

However, I do like to try to see the otherside, if nothing else than to see if I can dismantle it.  I was an advocate for capital punishment for many years. Unfortunately, research has lead me to believe the government is absolutely inept, if not outright corrupt, and should not be trusted in determining the life or death of a man. Now, I do not believe in capital punishment.

For the beginning of my adult life, I was absolutely against drug legalization.  But after a bit of research in the early 1990’s, I’ve  been a strident advocate for the legalization of ALL drugs, not just weed. And have yet to be knocked off my perch on that one, no matter how many arguments the prohibitionists have offered. Funny too, they always end up saying I either want to get high or want more crime. Uh huh.

So, let’s talk about vaccines.  Sadly, to question the validity of vaccinations makes one an “anti-vaxxer.” Not sure how that is a good argument for the pro side. Kind of like those who question the global warming hysteria are equated with Holocaust deniers. Crazy. But it is what it is.

If you are at all interested in the “science” behind vaccination schedules, I highly encourage you to read this:

I’ve linked to the 5000 word Summary.  A very interesting read, I must say.  I’m not going to pay the $50 or so for the full report but be my guess and do so…and forward to me if you’d like.

Allergies, Asthma, Autism are Increasing…WHY???

Here’s my take. Allergies, asthma and autism, among other debilitating issues, like obesity, are running rampant in America today. None of these things were when I was growing up. Why is this happening?

Because of heroic research done by some cast-aside heretics we now know why obesity is so prevalent; The high carbs, low fat diets the government advocated for decades. Those same purveyors of truth were also called quacks and shunned in the nutritionist world. But they’ve been proved correct and even our trusty government is beginning to see the light.

So, now we move on to allergies, asthma and autism. I always say correlation is not causation. So, I am NOT stating vaccinations are the cause. I am agnostic. But I want to know why our kids are in so much worse shape today than in the 1970s? It just doesn’t make sense.

So, to you agnostics about vaccinations; Join the club.  Remember you’ll be labelled an “anti-vaxxer” simply because you wonder. But don’t worry. There are many, many of us out there who are in your shoes. Continue to ask questions and don’t be browbeaten into silence.

Parents Concerns Not Matched by Physicians

When it comes to the above-referenced article though, I find this actually quite frightening:

“The committee identified concerns among some parents about the number, frequency, and timing of immunizations in the overall immunization schedule. These concerns were not expressed by clinicians, public health personnel, or policy makers in the committee’s review.

Among the last three groups, the childhood immunization schedule is considered one of the most effective and safest public health interventions available to prevent serious disease and death. Furthermore, the committee’s review of the literature did not find high quality evidence supporting safety concerns about the immunization schedule.”

But the Research Hasn’t Been Examined!

So, here the Professionals are saying we don’t believe the parents concerns are valid and we looked at the literature to prove our point… BUT, and here is the kicker… the study admits explicitly that:
” key elements of the entire schedule—the number, frequency, timing, order, and age at administration of vaccines—have not been systematically examined in research studies.”(emphasis mine)

The Pros Aren’t Worried So Parents Shouldn’t Be Either???

So, while the parents may be concerned, we, the PROS, are not because we looked at the literature. But the literature doesn’t address what the parents are concerned about to begin with! Flipping insanity.

And then they even say:
“even health care providers with much knowledge about individual vaccines may have less information about the effects of administering multiple vaccines at a single visit or the timing of the immunizations.“(again, emphasis mine)

Kudos to those who read this far. My inclination is that most people won’t because most people’s minds are closed when it comes to vaccines.  But based on this I can absolutely say I will not be advocating any compulsory government vaccinations. You want to do it, go ahead. But the government should not be holding your kids hostage to force you to do it. Not with this “research”.


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