Most Critical Prep Item to Have in Each Vehicle!

Driving to the airport on a cold, COLD Sunday morning in Atlanta, GA.  I look at my dashboard and YIKES! Low tire indicator is on. What am I going to do??? I have to the airport.
Do I have time to get off the highway and find a gas station?  
What if they’re closed? What if the power is out???

Oh No, what to do, what to do?
Don’t worry about me, my friends.  Having been through a situation just like this in the past has prepared me well.

Now I have an emergency tire inflator and battery charger in case I need a jump or air in the tires. And you should have one too.

Of all my preps this one has been put to use the most.  I must have a slow leak in one of my tires because I seem to be filling the front passenger tire weekly.

However, today, due to the incredible cold, all of my tires needed to be inflated.  But this isn’t all this prep item can do.
How about when you retrieve your vehicle that’s been sitting out in the cold, cold weather without being driven for a few days? Think there may be a problem with the battery?

Let me paint you a picture, it’s 11pm, dark and cold. You just landed from a long day in various airports. You have your 4 young kids with you, go to the car after vacationing for a week ready to get home.
Everyone is tired and cranky. But when you go to start the car, nothing turns over!  The lights don’t turn on. Obviously the heat doesn’t come on either. Let me remind you, it’s dark and cold!

So, what do you do? You have to call some guy, or you call your insurance people…either way, you aren’t getting home quick, that’s for sure.
A similar situation happened to my family which is why I forever will have one of these puppies in each vehicle.

Oh, did I tell you, I use it alot too!

Get yourself one of these. And you will not have to worry about charging a battery or inflating tires again!

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