How To Navigate Boston Logan Airport

I travel to Boston quite a bit and a couple things I’ve noticed about that airport that I figured I would share with you as I had to dive deep to find information.

One: Delta DOES offer a SkyCap service as you can see below.   I love the SkyCap service. Takes away the burden of lugging my luggage through the airport and standing in line for the bag drop.   Yes, I tip, $5 – $10, whichever I have in my pocket.  But it’s worth the money to me.  That way the bag is cleared and I can just concentrate on getting through security.

Secondly, you will need to find the correct bus to take you to/from the car rental building.  The bus is pretty easy to find, BUT remember, you need a certain one to get you where you are going.  Here is the sign after I dropped my car off and am waiting to get on a bus to take me to Terminal A, for Delta.   If I wanted Terminal C or E etc, I would NOT want to take bus 22, I would want bus 33.

If I did find myself on bus 22 and was in a hurry to get to terminal C, D or E,  I could have a problem.  Now with that said, Boston Logan is not a huge airport so if you were dropped off at Terminal B by accident, the walk to get to a different terminal is just a couple of minutes.  It’s not like Atlanta where you can walk 20 minutes to get from one end of the airport to the other.  So, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

But find your correct bus to begin with and you’ll be even better off.

The number 22 Bus is the one you want to take you to the car rental building too, by the way.  So, if you’re flying Delta just remember bus 22 and you’ll be good to go.

Sometimes I’ll take Spirit one way and Delta the other way.   I’ll talk about how that works in Atlanta airport in another post, but in Boston Spirit is Terminal B, unlike Delta which is Terminal A.

No big deal though as Bus 22 takes you to both locations.

To find the bus to take you to the car rental place  after you land is kind of a pain in the butt.  It’s not very conspicuous.  Just remember that when  you exit the secured side of the airport to take a left to get to the bus stop. It’s weird actually how it works but just remember to take a left.

Lastly, very rarely have I arrived at Logan and had more than a 10 minute wait through security. Maybe one time and even that wasn’t too long a wait.

So, leave yourself time to get through security, but the difference between Boston and Atlanta is night and day.  Boston is easy to get around. MUCH friendlier staff there too.

There was a lady in a wheel chair waiting for a bus to take her to her terminal and I could tell she was out of sorts.  I asked if I could help her but she only spoke Arabic. I was able to understand she was trying to go to Detroit but I couldn’t figure out which terminal it was or her flight or anything.  I tried my best to communicate but it wasn’t happening.

A worker there came up to us though and asked if she spoke Arabic and then he helped her out. He wheeled her where she needed to be and I could tell she was grateful.   Not saying that wouldn’t happen in Atlanta, of course. But that reflected my overall experience with Boston.  Friendly people trying to help out.

Again, tip your SKYCAPS!

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