Net Neutrality is dead! Oh No! :)

All you need to know about the FCC killing Net Neutrality is right here in this dude’s screaming bloody murder post about the end of net neutrality…

“Republican Ajit Pai’s FCC voted 3-2 along party lines today to repeal virtually every open internet and net neutrality rule on the books, reclassify broadband service in a way that prevents further rules from being implemented...”(emphasis mine).

For the love of all that is good, WE HAVE ENOUGH RULES!  Anything that prevents further rules is a good thing.  More rules means more government regulation.  Trust me, we have enough government regulation to cover every aspect of a humans life.

You want to take a shower? That’s regulated.

You had too much beans last night and need to use the pot? That’s regulated.

You want to brush your teeth? Yup more regulations.

Enough of the damn regulations!

The internet was just fine before net neutrality reared its ugly head in 2015 and it will be just fine without it.

Actually, the reason the libs are so up in arms is because it takes away THEIR ability to regulate speech. Just look at the groups who are in favor of net neutrality.  The biggest companies and censors in the world.


Why are they so in favor? What do they gain? Ahhh, more monopolistic business practices to continue their censorship.

You think they don’t censor? Uh huh. You need to pull your head out of the sand and take a look around you.

To quote a well-known community organizer: “elections have consequences.” Yup. You play the political game don’t expect it not to bite you when you lose.

First get rid of the censoring ability rules of net neutrality and now break up the monopolies!

It’s just the price we pay for having a fair marketplace.




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