Netflix “The Mist” = Harvey Weinstein

Just watched about 5  minutes of the first episode of the Netflix series “The Mist.” I am not going to link to it as it turns out its executive producer was ole Harvey Weinstein. So, if you want to watch it, you’ll have to find it on your own.

However, Weinstein or not, those are five minutes I will never get back in my life, unfortunately.   Just an embarrassing start to a series, liberal talking points all the way through and totally takes away any desire for me to continue on.

Funny thing, is I’ve been a HUGE Stephen King fan since I was a kid, way, way back in the 70s.  King has always been liberal but it never came out over the top in his books.  When I found out King was an AC/DC fan too I liked him even more, liberal politics or not.

Since his near death experience being hit by a car he’s gone pretty extreme in his anger towards those of us on the right. But even his more recent books have been pretty devoid of craziness.  11/22/63 was a wonderful book and was written AFTER his accident.

The Mist movie was a bit much on the liberal side.  Always gotta be a Bible-Thumping Nazi in every Hollywood script.  I tolerated that though as I read the story way back and was excited to see it on the big screen. The ending was actually much different than the story and was incredible.  Highly recommend you watch the movie.

The series though?  Nah. Sex Ed teacher gets fired. Gay kid wearing eye make-up, his intolerant dad won’t talk to him.  Football is a violent sport geared to entertain the White Male and our privilege. Even though they acknowledge it’s primarily played by blacks that is only because athletics are their only escape from this oppressive society.  Literally a walking cliche of liberal talking points.

All this in just the first five minutes!  Man, would I ever love to see more, but I think I’m going to sit this one out and find something not nearly as silly.

I did start to wonder though if the writers actually get bored regurgitating these diatribes over, and over, again. Don’t they value their skillset at all?  But then it occurred to me, ole Harvey Weinstein was the executive producer.  AHA!  You want a part in his movies, you’ll play by his rules. Even if it means you are harassed and maybe even more.  You gotta pay to play in the Weinstein, and liberal Hollywood world. You don’t like it? We’ll just get someone else.

I also couldn’t help but wonder what the women hired for the various roles in The Mist had to endure, including the teenagers.  I mean, it’s not just Weinstein who is a scumbag.  He just happens to be the name most recognizable, palling around with Bill and Hillary Clinton and such.   The other guys, one tier below ole Harvey., do you think they were any better? I suspect not and if I didn’t already hold that entire culture in such low esteem, I’d be incredibly pissed off with the knowledge of what these people have done.

But, for us conservatives, it’s Hollywood. We’ve known for a long time these people are  fakers. In order to allow themselves to get away with being fakers, they bring on the cliche dialogue about white privilege, cranky husbands, busybody moms etc. etc. It is the epitome of virtue signaling. But man does it ever get boring.


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