Doesn’t Africa Deserve Electricity too???

Here’s a great post from the site Why Electricity Matters about the silliness of relegating poor, rural Africa to electricity without fossil fuels. A couple key takeaways: “The World Bank admitted in a 2017 blog that “the major downside of off-grid solar is that the relatively low amount of supplied electricity limits what those systems can do … Read moreDoesn’t Africa Deserve Electricity too???

Andy May Reports on Al Gore at Rice University

Remember, Al Gore consumes over 20k kWh a MONTH! He certainly doesn’t do that with PV panels and wind turbines.  But if you wanted to ask a question about this, you would not get the chance because…   “As some predicted, prior to the speech, questions were pre-screened by the provost (Professor of statistics Marie Lynn Miranda). … Read moreAndy May Reports on Al Gore at Rice University