Prohibition is a Failure…From 1929

I love some bluegrass. Not all of it, mind you, but some. Some of the old school stuff, what they call Old Time Bluegrass is like going back in time and watching history. It’s fantastic.

Here’s a song from a guy named Lowe Stokes called ‘Prohibition Is A Failure”.  Man, oh man, Lowe was a good man for writing this. I wonder how much crap he took for challenging the status quo.

Remember what prohibition was about. It was based on the desire of Progressives and those  in the temperance movement to tell others how to live.  For the life of me, I don’t understand why we in the US have come to this belief that liberals, i.e., progressives, are actually liberal.  They are not.  They’ve been trying to enforce their ideas on others for ages. Nothing has changed in that regard today.  They don’t like how you live, they will write a law to force you to change your ways and if they can’t get that done, they will simply bully you into submission.

In the old days, Progressives would enter into bars, break things and start bullying people.  Hmmm, let me think… does that sound anything like what they’re doing today??? Of course it does!  The stories are legion of Progressives ruining peoples dinners because they don’t like that the restaurant serves meat, “rich people”, Trump may have eaten there, etc.

The irony though is that while the “Holy Roller” label assigned to a Christian today is seemingly a term of disparagement being a Progressive doesn’t carry any negative connotations.  Weird right?

How did the Progressives avoid the negativity that is placed on the “Holy Rollers”? After all, they were BOTH responsible for prohibition and getting into people’s business!  Today, though, Bernie Sanders and his ilk can speak freely on any college campus in the country without any sort of controversy.

Put a Franklin Graham out there though and LOOK OUT!  Of course, ole Bernie is much more in line with the old school progressives in terms of desiring to dictate how one should live. Whereas Graham just says “Trust in Jesus” and somehow HE, Graham, is the tyrannical villain whereas supposedly Bernie is for freedom!

It’s a strange, strange world we inhabit for sure. This song is a reminder that while much things have changed, but also how much they’ve stayed the same. Prohibition today is just as much a failure as it was back then. Except today it’s even worse because there is so much more money at stake. Criminals are more violent and users are more addicted to stuff that is made in someone’s bathtub.

It’s well past time to try a new strategy.  Prohibition is not the solution.

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