Insulation: Why You Need It

Insulation is the number one thing you can to reduce your utility bills. Unless you’re running your clothes dryer all day long, heating and cooling your home are your largest costs, heating in particularly.  Doesn’t matter if you have natural gas, electric, firewood etc, when you are manipulating the ambient temperature in your living area, … Read moreInsulation: Why You Need It

Home Maintenance 101 – Change Your Air Filters!

Allrighty my friends, this will probably be the most important piece of advice you’ll receive all day—Change Your Air Filters in your HVAC unit! See that picture below??? The left is the filter in my downstairs unit after only 45 days. I can only imagine what the one in my attic(upstairs) unit will look like … Read moreHome Maintenance 101 – Change Your Air Filters!