January 15, 2018 COULD BE MONUMENTAL!

Whoa! This. Could. Be. Huge!   The IG report comes out Jan 15. Remember this is an IG nominated by none other than Obama. However, Obama’s DOJ stonewalled him at EVERY step possible. The IG kept fighting, and in 2013 I am sure seemed like a battle lost as the DOJ sought to totally neuter him. … Read moreJanuary 15, 2018 COULD BE MONUMENTAL!

Net Neutrality is dead! Oh No! :)

All you need to know about the FCC killing Net Neutrality is right here in this dude’s screaming bloody murder post about the end of net neutrality… “Republican Ajit Pai’s FCC voted 3-2 along party lines today to repeal virtually every open internet and net neutrality rule on the books, reclassify broadband service in a way that … Read moreNet Neutrality is dead! Oh No! 🙂