Prohibition=Crime (Remember Eric Garner)

Apparently Seattle has gone fully insane. Look at this picture. The price of Gatorade has increased almost 100% because of the new ‘tax’ on sugary drinks. So, think about this for a second. What are the unintended consequences of this tax? I’ll wait here while you digest this. If you said people will drink less … Read moreProhibition=Crime (Remember Eric Garner)

Prohibition is a Failure…From 1929

I love some bluegrass. Not all of it, mind you, but some. Some of the old school stuff, what they call Old Time Bluegrass is like going back in time and watching history. It’s fantastic. Here’s a song from a guy named Lowe Stokes called ‘Prohibition Is A Failure”.  Man, oh man, Lowe was a … Read moreProhibition is a Failure…From 1929