Think Creationism is Silly, Then What is The Big Bang?

How WAS the Universe Created?

Let me start this post by saying I am not a creationist necessarily. I don’t know how the universe was created.  But neither do you. The funny thing is I am very much okay with admitting I don’t know how our world came to be.  I find it fascinating to comprehend though and am open to ideas; ALL ideas.

Now,  I do have a fundamental belief in the Christian God.  So, my hope is for creationism to be correct as I believe that  narrative best fits with the 66 or 73 books in our Bible.  (If you are not sure the difference between the 66 and 73 books, you should read up on your Christian history.)  But like all Christians SHOULD proclaim, we don’t know the origins of the universe.  We put it on our FAITH that God created everything but ask us to prove it, it’s not going to happen.

Big Bang is NOT Proven

Ironically, the same exact thing can be said of the “Big Bang” proponents. They don’t know anymore than I do how the universe came to be.  They have no more a proven theory than that of a Christian creationist. Yet, to challenge their take on the origins of the world apparently makes one anti-science.  It’s weird actually

No more would I say someone who is searching for answers about Christianity is anti-Christian by asking questions, than I would someone is anti-science by asking questions.  Yet, look at the “dialogue” that’s out there.  Ignorant people, typically on the left, spouting off about skeptics being ‘anti-science”. It’s just odd.

No Proof in the Origin of The Universe, Creationism or Other Theory

News flash for you, there is NO PROOF as to the origin of the universe.  Simply does not exist.  There are theories.  Theories, of course, are not proof.  You supposed pro-science people ought to know this.

But this is where my side has an edge over the bullies on the other; most of us, not all, but most of us, are skeptical.  We challenge. We read. We are open-minded.  And it has been the skeptics throughout history who have changed the world.  Certainly not the members of the groupthink who seek praise and prestige, never mind financial gain, by adhering to the dogma of the day.

Skeptics are the True Revolutionaries

No, the true revolutionaries are the people who say, “Wait a second. This just seems odd. Let me look into this some.”  Of course, with being a revolutionary, many will be hounded, persecuted, even imprisoned if not outright executed.  The powers that be do not like challenges to their power.  Can’t blame ’em after all, they control things.  Skeptics inherently challenge that control.

Skeptics are a threat which is a why a skeptic is the most bullied person since the dawn of mankind.  That is why I love them so, because they have guts.  Most people are sheep, follow the crowd, afraid to take a stand. Skeptics? Not in the least.

You see for me I HATE being browbeaten into a belief. I don’t care what YOUR belief system is, I need to find my own way to my beliefs. I would have despised living under a system where one had to accept the Creationist story without question like we did in the earlier part of the last century.

I would have despised being told to accept the 10 Commandments part and parcel just because some teacher told me to.  I would have said “why should I believe this stuff?” And, of course, that teacher would have said, “because it’s in the Bible.”  NO!  That’s not good enough!  What if I don’t believe YOUR Bible???  And you’d hear the gasps throughout the school in regard to my blasphemy.

But it’s NOT blasphemy to challenge one’s worldview.  God gave us a brain. He absolutely didn’t give us that brain to just follow along, blindly.  He gave it to us to search, to find meaning.  The only way to do that is by asking questions, not to just go along to get along.   Just read the Parable of the Talents for Heaven’s sake!

Remember the Christian God wants a personal relationship with every, single human being on this earth.  Does a personal relationship truly evolve from being told what to believe in an elementary school and being hounded if you ask questions??? Of course not!

Why the Christian Faith is Stronger Today

And this is why Christianity today, believe it or not, is stronger than it’s ever been; because Christians ARE being hounded throughout the world for their faith.  Thus, to be a Christian truly requires a faith that can only happen by having that personal relationship with our Creator. Your faith is so much stronger when derived from your own experience, your  ability to find on your own that God truly loves you and He is there for you.

Can you prove it? Nope.  Funny though. Do you even feel a need to prove it? Nope. How can I prove my personal relationship with God anymore than I can prove I love my wife.  It’s impossible. You can’t prove something that is the essence of your very being.  In fact, the very idea of proving something so fundamentally important just sounds silly, doesn’t it? I have to prove my love? How?

Now, let’s go back to the Big Bang.  I find those on the “science” side of things are definitely in the business of proving things, as a way to disprove other things.  I have no problem with that. Proving the earth is round, disproves the earth is flat.  Mutual exclusivity provides resolution.

Scientists SHOULD be Skeptics

One would think scientists are inherently skeptics.  I believe the good ones are.  However, with all the money being provided from the status quo, what do you think the likelihood of scientists being skeptical about the status quo? Remember the status quo serves one purpose, to protect and expand its own interests.  Thus the status quo provides research funding, do you think the scientists who receive that funding are going to be skeptical or adhere?   Eisenhower warned us about this. His farewell speech was incredibly prescient.

SuperNatural vs. Natural

RIght now, without question, the status quo is anti-supernatural.  Supernatural being anything that cannot be explained by natural occurrences.  God is supernatural.  Thus, the status quo being anti-supernatural focuses solely on what they can explain via nature.  If it can not be explained yet, i.e., the origins of the universe, well just give it time, we are told. Eventually there WILL be a natural explanation.  Until then, just assume our theories are correct, or leading us to the right direction.

Why? Because to NOT assume our theories are correct would mean we’re open to dialogue about other things, like the supernatural, i.e., a God. We can’t have that!  Government must adhere to “Freedom From Religion”.  (You and I know it’s actually Freedom of Religion, but the anti-supernatural has very cleverly has removed OF and inserted FROM which changes the meaning significantly.)


The Size of the Universe

So, now we go back to looking at the universe, as it is today, and how it became such.  Question for you. How many galaxies are in the universe today???

If you said 200 billion, you are wrong!  The understanding now is there are 2 trillion.  Yup. In literally a years’ time the number of universes scientists believe exist has increased 10 fold!  Pretty amazing eh? In one year, we’ve increased our understanding of the scope of the galaxies by a factor of 10.

I actually find this incredibly fascinating.  What’s to say in two years time there won’t be 400 trillion galaxies? Who knows?

But to say anything like “well, Josh, that’d be crazy. After all the Hubble telescope…”  “Dude,” I would scream exasperated. “The universe is so large, so beyond our comprehension, the idea that any human being using data from a telescope that a human being created can tell us anything more than a generalization is absurd!”

IT’S OKAY NOT TO KNOW! It’s okay for Christians and it’s okay for “science”. For the life of me, I don’t know why we’ve come to the idea that Christian and Science are mutually exclusive, especially when you see the incredible work Christian scientists have done over the centuries.

Milky Way Has 400 BILLION Stars

Think about this when you’re contemplating the actual size of the universe.  The Milky Way has maybe 400 BILLION stars. Our sun is just ONE of those 400 billion stars.  Yet, the Milky Way is not even a large galaxy relative to many others.  And now we believe the Milky Way, with its 400 billion stars of which our sun is just one, is just one galaxy among 2 trillion! How insanely arrogant is it to consider that some guy in Cambridge MA, or Cambridge England can tell us how all of this came to be!

They cite the Big Bang as the beginning of our understanding.  But even in that referenced article, they are of the belief that the entirety of the universe fit into a shape the size of a grapefruit and just suddenly burst wide open and here we are??? Somehow physics explains this?

What happened before the grapefruit? Well, of course, the ENTIRE universe ultimately was the size of the tiniest dot on a sheet of paper.  Remember, we’re talking 2 trillion galaxies, of which the Milky Way is an unremarkable one, with its 400 BILLION stars of which our sun is just one unremarkable one… all that fit into a pinprick?

And I’m crazy for thinking maybe there is something to be said for the God Who created everything?

The vastness of the universe has always boggled my mind and fascinates me deeply.  I don’t understand why the need to check my belief in a God of Creation at the door to dive into the topic though.  What are you afraid of? That you might not be able to prove your thesis and that we would then have to open up the debate to the potential of an Intelligent Design?

If we’re after the truth why would ALL things not be considered, especially when we, ALL OF US, do not know the truth today?  We don’t.  All the physics in the world, with the Hubble Telescope, can not tell us the size of the universe and thus it can not tell us how it came to be.  It’s that simple.


Open Your Mind to ALL Possibilities

Open your minds, folks and allow yourself to see the world for what it is, not what you wish it to be.  Challenge the status quo, be they proponents of a supernatural being or are anti-supernatural. It’s okay. The water is warm on this side.  By you escaping your dogma and allowing yourself to think freely, YOU will advance humanity, as skeptics have always done and if allowed, will continue to do.





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