Today’s Weather Doesn’t Mean ANYTHING Regarding Climate Change

Last week, as I was coming into the hotel after a long day of work, I commented to the nice guy behind  the counter that I was glad it wasn’t nearly as cold as it was just the day before.   The guy said, in all seriousness, “indeed.  It’s proof of climate change.”  To which I said, as I always do, “yes indeed.  The climate is always changing. As a matter of fact 4 times a year, like clockwork.”

The guy seemed to understand my jest and proceeded to tell me how when he was growing up there was so much more snow than today and he remembers it being way colder then than now.

Obviously, his perception is his basis of his worldly viewpoint in regards to “climate change” or “global warming” or whatever the cause de jour is.  As always, perception is reality.

Understanding this, I simply said for him to make sure he’s prepared because winter is coming and it could get cold, after all it’s still winter. And then proceeded to my room on the 4th floor.

Fast forward a week and now the northeast is being hit with literally record-breaking cold.  Two weeks ago, there were a couple unseasonably warm days for middle December.  Now, it’s record-breaking cold setting in.  Do either of these weather patterns indicate ANYTHING about climate change or global warming?

Of course not and it’s pure silliness to argue it does.  Frankly, I would love to throw in the faces of the alarmists the record breaking cold and say “look at your stupid global warming now!” It would be fun to mock them with TODAY’S weather.  But that would be falling to their level of argument.

Today’s weather is nothing more than…today’s weather. It’s meaningless in the overall scheme of the debate.  The debate truly should solely revolve around the patterns established over time.  Unfortunately, what we continue to see in the patterns is manipulation by the referees, those who supposedly are charged for measuring the data.

Satellite data doesn’t fit with the model of “proof” that global warming is happening? What do we do? What do we do?  Simple, first we “hide the decline” as Phil Jones at the East Anglia CRU and his band of hooligans discussed.  Then we get the refs to mess around with the data sets.  Change how they produce their numbers.  (Funny how everytime the data gets ‘adjusted’ it always show an increase in warmth. Never a decrease.  Wonder why???)

But what do we do if some of the refs, like those at Alabama-Huntsville, stand firm? Easy as pie, they are the outliers.  Because they are now so far removed from the “consensus: we simply don’t discuss them or debate them.  They are not worth our time, as we are serious scientists.  They are just cranks and we can’t waste precious time dealing with all the cranks in the world.

Lastly, we simply lie about the cause of various weather disasters.  The hurricane that engulfed Florida this year? Blame it on global warming.  So what if the actual ocean temperatures were LOWER than previously and thus warmer ocean temperatures can not be the culprit, we have the media on our side and they’ll never report the truth.

So what if lack of proper forest management leaves tons of kindling in the woods of California just waiting to be engulfed in a massive bonfire, we’ll blame global warming for that too.

And when some idiot comments on the frigid cold that is invading half the US this week, we’ll say you can’t use today’s weather to dispute the overwhelming, scientific consensus of the evidence behind global warming.  Only anti-science trolls do that.

Of course, when we have a couple unseasonably warm days in late fall in Boston, well of course WE will use that as proof of global warming.  After all, once again, the media is in our back pocket and will never hold us accountable.   So, we always win!


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