Very Good Lanterns for an Emergency Light Source

Amazon is selling these “on sale” today for $22 bucks with free shipping.  That’s not a smoking deal, as last February I got them for $19.

However, it’s a good deal nonetheless and the lights are well worth the $20 or so bucks you’ll spend.

On top of our solar, inflatable lights, we have these spread throughout the house too. When the power goes out, light is the FIRST thing you’ll need. Yes, heat, water, food are important but without light those things will be so much harder to find and thus produce.

So, get your emergency light supplies BEFORE YOU NEED THEM!  As with everything I try to do, get multiple supply sources too. These take batteries.  But my others use solar. If the solar goes out, I can use these with battery power. If the batteries go dead before I had a chance to recharge I can use the solar lights.

An old saying I’ve learned to live by is “Two is one, one is none.” That simply means that when one supply is out, you’ll have a back up.  No back up? No supply.   Thus get two different sources of supply.


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