College Football Predictions

Without ANY research, any injury reports, weather forecasting, palm reading or anything else my predictions are down below. These are based solely on, well, frankly my bias.

Unlike the reporters at ESPN who said Wisconsin would lose 4 games in the SEC, I actually admit my bias. I think the SEC is overrated.  I think it’s bad for college football to have such bias permeate itself each and every year in the sport.

So, my predictions are based solely on that bias.  I admit it.  I can also admit that if my predictions are wrong, I will say, I was wrong and that the SEC deserves its glory.  I simply don’t think that will happen though.

We’ll see.

So, here you go, easy as pie.

Clemson beats Alabama in a relatively close game.

Oklahoma smokes Georgia.

Clemson beats Oklahoma in a relatively close game, to win the Championship…again.

You heard it here first.