Brian Ross and ABC News, Why Would You Trust Anything They Report?

Look the Brian Ross/ABC News thing about President last week was a fiasco for them.  They had to retract when their “source” recounted that it wasn’t Candidate Trump that ordered Michael Flynn to contact the Russians but rather President-Elect Trump.

Yeah, a rather big distinction there and because that distinction wasn’t made by ABC News’ Chief Investigative Journalist, Brian Ross, in his initial report he has been suspended for a month. Of course, who the source is for Ross remains suspect anyway. I imagine the source is Brian’s brain telling him what he hopes is true.

Rush Limbaugh predicted this story was fake on his radio show on Friday due to nothing more than having seen Ross in action over the years, in particularly the Aurora, CO shooting, when Brian Ross let it be know the perp may be a Tea Party member.

Turns out Ross was just speculating on the air and an innocent man’s name was dragged through the mud.  But, hey, sensationalism draws views right? You can’t expect the news not to engage in some sensationalism. I mean careers are at stake and if it turns out that innocent man WAS the perp after all then Brian Ross would be held in the most highest esteem.

However, when it comes to honest reporting there is a much bigger fish to fry when regarding Brian Ross and ABC News.   Their false reporting actually can be life threatening.

I refer you to the Toyota acceleration panic of 2009-2010 that spread through the US, courtesy of folks like Brian Ross, ABC News and fake reporting.  Ross literally FAKED his video showing Toyota’s accelerating. His report is a fake: 

“In fact, it is a deliberately arranged collection of footage that is designed to make you think you are being shown something that either doesn’t exist or is being deliberately withheld by ABC News—footage of the tachometer that Ross was driving in the report—and is therefore staged. And fake.”

Unfortunately, Gawker, who ran this investigation into Ross’ shenanigans are no longer with us having been sued out of existence by Hulk Hogan.  But how come ABC News and Brian Ross are still around today to give us fake info when it’s factually true that they have lied and mislead, time and again?

Oh, you don’t like Gawker and don’t believe their report? Fine. Listen to Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast episode on the topic.  Consumer Reports, who Gladwell holds partly accountable for their bad advice as well as ABC News and Brian Ross, had this feeble defense.  Funny, they don’t allow comments on their site which may even obliterate their defense.

Feel free to read all you want about the Toyota panic and its settlement with the DOJ.  Remember though if the DOJ wants you badly enough to acquiesce, it’s going to take a lot of intestinal fortitude to fight back, especially if you’re a publicly-traded company and all you have to do is lose a third of one years profits to make them go away.

In a political, legal shakedown Toyota, and any public company, simply pays it and gets the DOJ off their back to move on and continue to make profits knowing full well their products are in high demand among consumers, EVEN AFTER THE “CRISIS”.

If, on the other hand, Toyota execs refused to settle and the DOJ’s case went on for years,  what do you think the trial bar would be doing? They’d go after Toyota for every thing they had as part of a class action on behalf of shareholders.

So, for Toyota it’s a no-win once the DOJ comes after you.  Thus, capitulate to the shakedown and move on.

Yet the problem remains that Brian Ross, ABC News and others with their fake reporting lead to faulty recommendations on how to protect oneself. If you followed what they were suggesting, i.e., continue to slam your foot on what you thought was the brake, you could be in serious jeopardy.

It’s easy to see how a panicked driver may believe he was slamming the brake when instead he actually was pushing down on the accelerator thus causing the vehicle to speed faster and faster where it was no longer controllable.

Like Gladwell says in his podcast, if the correct reporting, AND Congressional Testimony, were to have come out, the public would have been made aware of a simpler solution; take both feet off the pedals!   In that way, you weren’t accidently depressing the accelerator when you thought you were pushing down the brake.

But no, Ross and ABC News had to go for sensationalism as a way to get views. Controversy ALWAYS sells. Unfortunately people are trained to trust the media and took his reporting as sacrosanct. Those people were in danger and didn’t even know it.

However, Ross and ABC News did. Yet only in late 2017, after a fake report on Candidate Trump, does Ross get a slap on the wrist.  Disgraceful.

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