Your Global Warming Crusade is Literally FREEZING Poor People!

For decades now, global warming has been the “all in” for the advancement of socialism. The advocates pushing for ‘solutions’ to this supposed problem are nothing more than Watermelons, green on the outside, red on the in.


Global Warming = Socialism > Individual Liberty

Yet, with any socialist, if you dig deep enough, you’ll quickly find they don’t care about people.  George Bernard Shaw showed us their true colors when he:

openly declared that Fabians must get the Socialist movement “out of its old democratic grooves”, that they, as Socialists, had “nothing to do with liberty” and, significantly, that democracy was “incompatible with Socialism”.

Hear that??? Democracy is incompatible with Socialism.  Who knew? Well, ANYONE who has even the slightest eye for history did, of course. Which is why we fight tooth and nail against the global warming crusaders because we KNOW that in their hearts they could care less about global warming but only for how to control people.

Very, very cleverly, I must say, they have glommed onto the facade of environmental protection and slowly walked away from the class struggle arguments.  Not surprisingly, actually, given that the vast majority of the global warming alarmists are wealthy as can be.  See Thomas Friedman, Al Gore, Barbara Streisand, and the list goes on and on.

A working class alarmist? Yeah right. They’re just trying to work to pay the bills to raise the kids.  They don’t have the luxury of sharing the same concerns as the rich people who still find ways to jet all over the world while proclaiming their concern of global warming. See Leonardo DiCaprio, Richard Branson, Prince Charles.  And THIS list goes on and on.

Can’t be Green and Fly

As I’ve said before, you can not be green and fly airplanes or take ocean cruises.

But what REALLY ticks me off about the global warming hysteria is not the hypocrisy, shoot I’ve been following the left my whole doggone life and hypocrisy and the left go hand in hand.  What ticks me off though is that their policies are actually FREEZING people!  Not rich people, not the global elites mind you, no, no, no. Their policies are literally freezing poor people. It’s about time the greens got their comeuppance, mocked for the fools they are and the damage they’re causing.

How are the doing this?  Simple, by advocating getting rid of fossil fuels.   If you want heat in your home your only solution is fossil fuels. Let me be abundantly clear, there is no alternative.


Heat With No Fossil Fuels?

Oh, I can hear some now, “Geothermal”. Man, oh man, do I love geothermal. It’s not going to provide heating for the world’s population. Even if you have a wonderful heat pump, you’re still going to need a back up for when it gets cold.

How about “solar thermal”?  Okay, if you have sun and can use it warm up your water to potentially radiate your home, more power to you.  The liklihood of that happening en masse for the world’s population? Nill.

Don’t forget too, the space you use for solar thermal is space you CAN’T use for solar PV.  Thus how are you going to get your electricity, even if thermal COULD work for scale???

Wind turbines?  Just don’t.

Hydro? We’re talking about HEAT not electricity. And Hydro is probably near its maximum when it comes to electricity production anyway. You still need to get the water high above ground level so it can come back down via gravity in order to run the turbine to provide the electricity.  But remember electricity and providing heat are NOT compatible.


Space Heater Uses Same Electricity As 20 Indian Families!

Let me share an example of the consumption required for electricity to run heat devices. Here is a tiny little space heater. It takes roughly 7 Amps on low heat and 14 on high. Which means it uses 750 and 1500 watts depending on settings. If you run this 24 hours a day, you will use 36kWh/day which would be almost 20 times MORE electricity usage than the average Indian family. Or put it another way. This ONE device, if you ran it 24/7 would equal the entire electricity used by 20 Indian families!

Need I say more about electricity and heat??? You don’t use electricity for heat!


So, we have to heat our homes right? I mean we don’t want people to freeze. And now we come to when reality settles in for the Global Warming Alarmists, the watermelons. So, so concerned for the plight of the earth they are willing to sacrifice poor, Third Worlders.


China Reverts Back to Coal

But those poor, Third Worlders never agreed to that sacrifice and are taking action to try to stay warm. Here is the Communist Chinese government realizing what a frickin’ scam the Alarmists are running and need to backtrack to keep their people alive:

When Liu complained that his 8-year-old grandson couldn’t sleep through nights as cold as minus 9 degrees Celsius (16 degrees Fahrenheit), one local official told him to “wait patiently.”  Authorities eventually relented earlier this month and let villagers burn coal again. But Liu’s anger was still fresh during a visit to Lirangdian on Friday. “The regular people are at the bottom of society — the peasants are the lowest,” he said. “The party is on top.”


Wait patiently while my kid is freezing??? Hell no!  Ole Prince Charles, Leo DiCaprio, Al Gore etc, etc, aren’t waiting patiently for a damn thing.   But man, oh man, are they ever concerned about the world… Uh huh.

Think this only affects the poor in China???


Natural Gas Spot Price Spike…Why?



My, oh my the ignorance.  See that graph above??? That represents the spot price for natural gas in the New England region during last weeks incredible cold.  Why the sudden incredible jump??? Because the cold, cold winter caused HUGE increase in demand for natural gas. But guess what? Due to the Freakin’ Greens, there were not enough pipelines to allow the gas to flow to meet the demand!

Guess who is left out, literally in the cold, when the gas prices spike? John Kerry? Elizabeth Warren??? Yeah, I only wish.  It’s the poor and middle class, as it always is when the watermelons get their way.  (On a side note, have you ever wondered why socialists are always rich??? Think about that for a few.  Ironic isn’t it?)


New England ISO Warned Us

If only someone would have warned us!  Oh, we did time and again. But we were told we were “anti-science”.  Here’s the headline from the press release of the New England ISO on the last day of November, 2017.

Reliable Power Grid Operations Expected This Winter
in New England

Resources should be adequate unless unexpected outages or fuel delivery
constraints occur(Emphasis mine).

Hmmmm.”Fuel constraints?” How could that happen, especially when it didn’t happen anywhere else in the country even though we were also freezing our tush’s off!


Let’s Go Outside To Get Warm!

I don’t want to let you “Greenies” off the hook so easily. Let me once again remind you that kids are literally freezing because of your policies.   This is from the BBC, that bastion of right-wing “anti-science” knuckle-draggers.

In one Hebei province primary school, classes have moved outdoors as students seek the warmth of the sun. They are among 11 primary schools in Quyang county without heating.

Teacher, “Let’s go outside so we can bask in the sun and get warm, class.”

Class, “But it’s below freezing out there!”

Teacher, “WIth the sun it’s a bit warmer than just sitting in here though!”

Kids these days!  What they want to be warm while going to school? That’s crazy talk!

I mean, you peasants, get your butts outside and let the sun warm you, that way you don’t need to burn fossil fuels and you can save the planet for us rich First Worlders to jet all over and live like kings.   Life is great when you’re at the top!


I absolutely guarantee you will never see a Clinton, Obama, or even Bush child showing up at school like this.


And I’ll be damned if it ever happens to one of my kids. You know what you can do with your global warming.


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